Christmas Eve annual traditions at the pub, with all of our friends (minus a few which is always a shame), we all do secret Santa too which is fun but we can never seem to keep it secret... Whoever can or does well you have a skill. It was so nice to be surrounded with my favourite people, it feels like we've hardly seen each other this year so it was extra special.
Afterwards I had my first Christmas Eve sleepover (which mum and dad told me I'd be missing out on my stocking) but I thought I had better get over it and grow up so I did and I had made a great decision. Waking up next to my love on Christmas morning well that was just awwwww. We did our stockings and to my surprise he got me an iPad Air :O (using it to do this post, it's so hard to blog on iPads...) and a blender and two sweet ass diaries. As we only live a short walk away from each other we were kind of in between houses the whole day which I didn't actually think we would manage but we did. Some of his family even met some of my family at the pub before our Christmas dinner was ready which was good. Honestly had the best nicest Christmas.