Why 2014 was one of my favourite years so far...

I fell in love with one of my best friends

Since Thailand 2013 I started growing feelings for Rakesh (we've been best friends for about 8 years or something...) it was weird, so weird at first. We made it official in March and each day my love for him grows. This is the main thing that has made 2014 one of my favourite years. We have done so many fun and exciting things this year and I really am excited to make more memories with this guy.


Third time in Amsterdam and stayed at StayOkay in Vondelpark, starting the New Year off in Amsterdam is always a good idea (doing it this year too!)

Kingston [Sept 13' - June 14']

Moving out for my last year of uni was a huge deal for me, I was very sad to leave our 7 bedroom house in Kingston, I miss living on my own and having my own space so much. It changed me in a very good way and I really can't wait to move out again (hopefully this year!)


Only festival I attended this year and it was amazing, highlights were of course Dolly Parton, Lana Del Rey and London Grammar. Bring on next year!


After glastonbury Rakesh took me camping for the weekend in Brighton and it was our first little getaway just us, it was the sweetest.


I graduated with a degree in Photography in November and I honestly felt so proud of myself, not only for getting a degree but for being confident enough to actually walk across the stage. I still can't believe that I have a degree, there were so many times I had thought about quitting university and telling myself that I couldn't do it or cope with it BUT i'm so glad I overcame my negativity. Look at me now. 


Mine and Rakesh's first holiday together, we decided on exploring Goa and Kerala and I'm so glad we did. Two weeks of chilling and enjoying eachother's company was exactly what we needed, it was kind of even better when we didn't have wifi. Hopefully a lot more adventures and exploring in 2015. 


Since the end of 2013 I have been trying to lose weight, I weighed around 15 stone when I started and at first it all started coming off quite quickly and the lowest I got down to was 11.5 stone. Since India I have put on half a stone but of course with the New Year here I have a resolution of losing two more stone and then I think I might truly be happy with myself. I am proud of what I have lost so far though and I now love running! Never thought i'd say that, ever. I would encourage everyone who is unhappy with their weight and fitness to start making a change, i'm not even completely satisfied yet but i'm on my way and I already feel alot better.