Photo Diary

This week has mainly consisted of helping out my grandparents with moving of furniture which all works out good when they take you out for dinner am I right! and containing my excitement for Barcelona (tomorrow!). Also it was a tough month for money for me and I was trying so hard to save some money towards getting some new bits for the holiday and I managed too which is very good for me. I only got a few new bits, the favourite bits were the red Zara dress and white Zara bag, i've never been so bold before!

Tuesday was a lovely afternoon, Rakesh finished work a lot earlier than usual and we managed to hang out without killing each other with the line "what do you want to do?!" we managed to also cook together (mostly him though, obviously!) we followed a Jamie Oliver spaghetti bolognese recipe and it was tasty. It seems really easy now, i've never made it before. We did a short bike ride to the country park which is 2 minutes away and rode to the "mountain" a hill looking over the park and sat and chilled in the sun. It felt so nice.

Zara bag and dress and Bumble and Bumble surf set