Street Feast 

We've been talking about heading over to Lewisham Street Feast for a few months now and last night we finally went. We got there past 7pm so paid £3 entry which I think is a fair price. We all walked in really slowly in like a daze, looking around at everything and glimpsing the menus, we were hungry and already thought this was going to be difficult so we headed straight to the bar. The atmosphere was already 'pumping' there was a DJ hidden somewhere (didn't see them though) and the sound of chitter chatter filled the outdoor conservatory. 

After having at least half of our drinks we headed over to Yum Bun for some irresistibly soft steamed buns. We'd never had steamed buns before but heard great things and these looked very tasty. We tried the whole available menu -

Pork - Slow roasted belly pork, cucumbers, spring onions + hoi sin sauce
Mushroom - Portobello mushrooms, toasted walnuts + miso glaze
Shrimp - Crispy chilli king prawns, gochujang mayo, pickled red onion + coriander and lettuce

After sharing 3 steamed buns with Rakesh I was starting to feel full already but we were already thinking of where to go next. Rakesh headed for some pork ribs from Smoke Stak Mirvet went for a brisket burger and Harry went for jerk, rice and peas from Mama's Jerk. I couldn't decide for ages but I went for a double candy bacon flipper from Mother Flipper, a very tasty messy burger!

We wet our palettes with beers and fresh coconuts then went to get something sweet! We shared a tiny brownie from SE Cakery - it may have been tiny but it was delicious. 

Straight after the tiny delicious brownie the boys were thinking about wings... We headed over to The Orange Buffalo. Rakesh loves wings, especially spicy hot wings, so obviously he went for the 'Snake in a Basket' which includes 7x Woof woof wings + 1x Viper wing (a game of roulette). We all tried the woof woof wings and our lips were burning they were so hot but when Rakesh finally went for the Viper wing... well it was the funniest thing I ever did see. He repeatedly shouted oh my god and liquid was just pouring from his head - sweat and tears! To see him like this over 1 tiny wing, well! He said he would have to be paid to eat another one of those.

With burning mouths we all rushed over to Scoopsy Daisy where they were very prepared for the victims of the viper hot wing, and handed Rakesh and Harry a spoonful of ice cream. I was put in charge of buying the boy ice cream - 1st ice cream was strawberry - 2nd was raspberry and 3rd was blackberry yes we ordered three times! Honestly i've never seen him in so much pain, got a bit worried at one point too. They took to the bench to recover. After Harry's mouth started to cool, he went and got a slice of red velvet cake from SE Cakery before they closed and boy oh boy it was so good.

A lovely foodie evening.