Since November creeped up I had been itching for the day I can purchase our baby christmas tree, December the 4th was the day. After passing many stalls in Brixton I couldn't ignore it any longer so I selected this one and plopped on a train home. 

I had been collecting inspiration over on Pinterest for this season and I was happy to have come across these baubles from Clas Olsen and saw a simple wooden gold star for the top from Waitrose. I found these pine cones the other day on a walk and I've used a pom pom garland (made by my sister Bakerie) for decorations.

She & Him has been my favourite Christmas album for years now, so I popped that on my iPad and sipped peppermint tea whilst rearranging my forest area. I have taken over Ricki's room now, he doesn't mind luckily. 

Advent candle from Aldi and candle holder from Tiger Stores. 
I plan on getting more posts out this month but i've hit a dry spell and i'm lacking ideas.