It has now been three weeks since we got back from our three week adventure in Mexico, and as I sit here looking through the photographs I still can't believe we went. I've always wanted to explore Mexico, maybe it was because I love Mexican food but to me that is a perfect excuse to go. Firstly we flew to Mexico City and was there for four days, then flew to Merida for four days, coach to Cancun for two days, coach to Playa Del Carmen for two days and ended our trip with ten days in lovely Tulum. 

Mexico City, for me it was a city that could easily be called home... it reminded me of New York mixed with Barcelona (every time I go somewhere new I can't help but compare and find similarities.) The streets were big and green and the eateries were endless, honestly annoyed we didn't stay there for a bit longer! Mexicans hardly speak English here we found but we're extremely lucky we have google translate at our fingertips. 

Like usual I'll be doing guides but not for all the places in Mexico, just Mexico City, Merida and Tulum.