I love eggs, eggs with everything. Poached eggs, baked eggs, omelettes. All eggs, all shapes and sizes. I do sometimes sit there wondering if I could ever just be an egg chef, my eggs aren't always perfect either. On Instagram maybe over a year ago now I started the hashtag #bakerseggs, I thought it was cool to see all my homemade eggs all in one place and it is, I sometimes can't help but show people. "Oh so you don't just post selfies then?" I'm going to keep using this hashtag and I might even make an egg a day photo book, who knows. I try and make up brunches based around what goes nice with egg.

All photographs are eggs i've made except for one, which is the brunch photographed at Wild Caper in Brixton oh and a boyfriends brunch may have slipped in there but to see all egg breakfasts check out my Instagram tag on Instagram