Our fourth time in this wonderful city, the walk from central station is so familiar, it almost does feel like a second home. This city is so wonderful that I actually don't mind wandering around in circles along the canals and beautiful houses in the cold, that is maybe possibly one of things I most enjoy about Amsterdam city breaks. On the Friday we celebrated Harry's 23rd birthday, we decided on not smoking this night and only drinking, which we've never actually done in Amsterdam before. Started off in our hostel [St. Christophers Inn] as it was 2 4 1 then we tried to follow a group of people on a bar crawl without paying but when we got to the second place a single spirit and mixer was 9 euros so we decided to head back and ended up at the club next to our hostel [Winstons Kingdom]. Some of us woke up pretty hungover. As you can obviously guess the rest of the weekend was a bit of a smokey haze, wandering around searching for places to eat (after just eating) and places to smoke (after just smoking). On the Saturday I decided that it would be good to do an activity instead of sitting in a dark smokey room whist the sun was shining outside, and I decided on a boat tour around the canals. It was a 9 euro trip and took an hour and well I think I made a pretty good decision, we learnt quite a bit about Amsterdam and it made us all hungry and sleepy. Don't go to Sea Palace unless you're a baller because we had gone past it on the boat and got very tempted and walked all the way there, sat down, ordered drinks, looked at the menu and realised we couldn't really afford to blow all of our euros on lunch and then had an awkward experience in how we should leave this really fancy restaurant.


Metropolitan - A fantastically tasty pastry shop, the chocolate brownies are to die for.

Pancakes! - I got the banana + maple syrup American pancakes and I was not disappointed!
Jasmine Thai Cuisine - In my top 3 favourite Thai meals.
Cafe George/George's Deli - Walked all the way there but didn't actually get to eat because they've removed their breakfast menu but their sandwiches sounded tasty and the interior was pretty cool.
Crepes & Waffles - Our Amsterdam tradition, we make sure we go every year.
New York Pizza - A pizza chain, a tasty greasy slice.


Grey Area - A very very small coffee shop kind of out of the centre.
Dolphins Coffeeshop - An underwater themed coffee shop, recommend to use their homemade vaporisers.
Hill Street Blues - Probably the biggest coffee shop i've been in and it was cool, I liked that it had sofas and a view of the canals (that's where I got the idea of the boat trip).
Green House Seed Co - A pretty busy and well known coffee shop, we bought weed from there but there was no room to sit, enjoyed looking at their wall of famous guests, I felt 1 step closer to Eminem knowing that we've stepped on the same floor :)