I hate Sundays (because they feel so close to Mondays) but this Sunday was an exception. Rakesh had the day off and as we didn't really want to leave each other in the morning he took me out for breakfast which he knows is the way to my heart, breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. We wanted to go to somewhere we haven't been to before so we decided to head for Harrison's in Balham. I knew as soon as we walked in that it was a good choice and for Ricki to say it was a good choice too, well I never! I had to love him and leave him afterwards, I like turning around as I'm walking away just incase our eyes have a chance to meet again. (sap.) After that lovely brunch I waddled to London to meet Amy (my good friend from uni, check out her blog) we haven't seen each other since graduation back in November which was ages ago. I've never been to London Zoo before so I thought it was a great idea when she suggested we should go! You can get half price tickets when you buy a national rail train ticket, which made it even better obviously. Not only was it fun getting up close and personal with the animals the whole environment was just really nice and the sun was shining which is a rare sight in London.