I don't really get why people hate this day, it's not even a day for only couples and it's not really a day for money making because you can do things for free and you can make your own cards. Yes we all know we love each other every other day of the year but it is nice to celebrate a tradition and spend a whole day just thinking about people you love. Plus we all like a little bit of loving and I think secretly people enjoy the excitement ;)

My day was perfect, I was just happy enough that Ricki had the weekend off in all honesty. As he already knows the key to my heart is breakfast and he won me over with breakfast in bed and he told me to choose a movie so I decided on True Romance as I hadn't watched it in a while and he had never seen it. We headed out in to London towards the Scandinavian Kitchen for the best cinnamon bun but they were sold out so we settled for a takeaway coffee from Kaffine and headed on our way towards Liverpool Street. I had no idea where we were off to but it turns out the surprise was ice skating, I thought I had got away with not going ice skating all winter. Even though i'm shit nervous when it comes to things like this, once i'm up there holding his hand then i'm having fun. Afterwards we had a few drinks in The Tasting Room which was next to the ice rink then we set off to find the restaurant he had booked. Food at The Joint was lovely, I was a bigger fan of the sides than of the actual burger and we did eat off paper plates which was a little weird. Literally had the loveliest valentine's day ever. I love you Ricki.