Allowed myself to have treat pancakes this morning as I've been to the gym six times in two weeks (I've only lost 1 pound though, didn't deserve a treat really). Ricki makes mean pancakes, I love pancakes with banana and honey. We then went our separate ways and got ready for the day, I spent awhile because I thought we'd go out to explore but by the time we were ready we still didn't have a plan. We sat and thought for ages then of course we both fell hungry so killed some time by making and eating food. Afterwards we sat and thought some more but nothing, no ideas. Ricki then came out with "why can't we just be happy chilling" (something along those lines anyway). He referenced back to times when I lived in Kingston (he used to come and stay over at my uni house) and yeah we slumped it, kicked back an awful lot. We basically just got high, ate and watched movies. I don't feel like we NEED to do something on weekends but it's just nice exploring and eating out, any excuse to take pictures really. We do chill in the evenings but it's usually half hearted, so we decided to do just that. Like old times. A big bowl of popcorn, cuddles and two whole movies without falling asleep (ok ok Ricki actually fell asleep 10 minutes before the end, damn). It felt nice giving up getting frustrated at each other, agreeing on giving up trying to do something and just enjoy each others company (being slobs). 

Tried out my new Samsung nx300 on a selfie and I was very very impressed, my skin looks kind of flawless which you know is always a good sign with cameras. I'm glad we have plans tomorrow with the gang so I can try it out with portraits.