Mothering Sunday

I had originally booked for my family of 6 to go for breakfast at The Crystal Palace Market but as my dad forgot and brought 'posh' mushrooms for breakfast we decided to save our pennies, he made a mean breakfast! My 'little' brother turned 15 today too and I don't think he enjoyed sharing his day (he sulked a lot and just played xbox all day... oh teenagers). After gift opening (we got mama a picture frame filled with pictures as they don't have any pictures up around the house) we then went to the cemetery so mum could visit nans rose bush, I always like visiting it because I love to give nan a huge catch up into my life and we always reminisce about old times and make jokes. Afterwards we really didn't want to go home so mum suggested we went to Merton Abbey Mills which is a little area full of little cafes/restaurants/stalls and usually holds events for creatives and live music, we had never been before so we were pretty excited to head down there. We stopped in a cafe for hot chocolates and chai lattes, mmmm. It would have been a lot better if the sun was shining and stalls were actually open (definitely going in summer!) It was getting a bit late so we stopped off to pick up a birthday cake for Alfie and some treats for us and when we got in we watched Boyhood which I've been meaning to watch for ages! Obviously ended the family day with a big roast dinner cooked by pap. Today was extra special because we were all together, I don't think we've all been together since Christmas which is quite sad. I love my family so much.