Woke up and it was Spring

Decided to venture out into the 16 degrees (hottest day of the year so far!) Borough Market seemed perfect, we (me, Rakesh and Harry) were feeling a little hungover and hungry so yeah perfect. Got there later than planned but it was still mega busy, you know the kind of busy where you don't have to lift your legs whist walking, more of a shuffle. Despite that we went on search for our first bite to eat, some salt and pepper calamari! Then straight after we went for a salt beef, gherkin and mustard sandwich. We went halves and i'm glad I didn't turn it down, it was delicious. After more walking around I stupidly followed the boys in being tempted by a honeycomb filled doughnut which I regretted whist eating it, very very sickly it made me wince a lot. Harry became a little mouse with the cheese tasters, bouncing from cheese board to cheese board. After we came to realise than we should be leaving soon me and Rakesh obviously didn't think we ate enough so we queued for a garlic prawn wrap and it was worth the queuing time, juicy king prawns with sweet chilli sauce also, mMmmMm.

-+- Download the Dojo iPhone app, my brother introduced me to it and i'm very surprised I had never heard of it before. Tells you places to eat/see and do in your local area.