I've got a lover, he puts the shine in the sun.

On Sunday we got to celebrate our 1st anniversary. I honestly can't believe it has been a whole 365 days. (I had to google how many days in a year last night, opps) Most of you guys won't know our story so i'll tell you with minimal soppy details. Basically we've been friends for over 10 years (best friends for about 8/7 years!) and after our group holiday to Thailand in 2013 I basically got the hots for him (he is such a flirt) and when we got back I couldn't stop talking about him and how much he made me laugh. After so many Thursday night sleepovers/weekend hangs we did the deed in December. Obviously not wanting to ruin our friendship we took it slow and had many bedroom take-away slob dates until late March we had 'the talk'. This beautiful guy brings so much joy to my life, he never fails to make me giggle and his big warm heart is what gets me through the days. Even though I practically live with Rakesh all ready, I can't wait for us to have our own place. I can't wait for a lot of things. I'm so excited! 

-+- Shaka Zulu in Camden (wouldn't recommend)
-+- Plants over flowers, macaroons over chocolates
-+- In love with my new navy jumpsuit from Next (never owned one before!)

As Rakesh was working in the day we decided on going out for dinner at Shaka Zulu in Camden, we didn't enjoy it as much as we thought we would. Despite being a restaurant/club the club basically takes over as we dined to loud house music which wasn't very romantic. We didn't even get to sit opposite each other and hold hands across the table. Rakesh had crocodile for starter and main and I had fish for starter and main and honestly my main tasted like a £23 microwave meal which is a bit sad. Anyways the crocodile was very nice and i'm very surprised that I tried it.