Photo Diary

Obviously how all weeks start, slow. Another week of pure boredom at work. Stuff retail and stuff Halfords. I have given myself an aim and that is to leave by May but latest July (I no way want to be there over a year!) The gym was closed for three days this week which put a huge damper on my motivation BUT I did re-discover the Nike Training app and wow, I ached for 3 days. All week I've been looking forward to Sunday and it's finally Sunday tomorrow, no more waiting!

-+- All photographs taken on iPhone and edited with VSCOcam

- Sunrise App for iPad, time to keep track of my life again. Used to be on point with this as I like looking back and remembering what I did etc. Great app which connects to iCloud so all your iCals.

- Turpentine, a shop I pass everyday to work. I will go in here one day!

- Jasmine got back from holiday, so we met up and went for a walk/light jog to Tesco and back. This catch up wasn't enough and the next day I spent the afternoon there creating a special surprise for a special boy and just talking about everything.

- Friday was the best day to end the week and the best day to start the weekend. Lunch and a huge catch up with Harry which was so well needed and over due, we went to GBK in Dulwich and now I want to live in Dulwich! Oh and another Bhandari dinner out, these guys are always eating out I swear! Local indian restaurant loved hosting us, ordered so many dishes as you can tell! A funny night with all of Rakesh's siblings and parents.