This week in Pictures

I'm going to start doing these posts on Fridays (depending on timing). I take a lot of photographs and documenting my life is something i've always enjoyed hence my love for photography. So here are some things I did this week.

-+- Always adding things to my wish list, check out my Fashiolista

-+- I'm on the look out for a creative job, something to do with photography if anyone knows anything going please let me know :-)
-+- All photographs taken on iPhone and edited with VSCOcam

- Started the week off with a monday evening run and home workout as I wasn't feeling too good for a gym atmosphere but on Tuesday I went back and did my weighted squats that I first tried on the previous Thursday (which i'm still feeling all cool about, only 15kg but still) I've kind of hit a wall with my weightloss progress, which is making me feel a bit down and that causes me to forget how far i've come. I will do a post on my weightloss story soon and when i've lost a bit more weight.

- Hadn't seen Mirvet for awhile and jumped at the chance for a catch up. She made us this lovely salad and we spoke for hours over coffees and spiced teas. We watched Girls because I was of course behind (boyfriend isn't a huge fan...) then I stayed for dinner which nice.

- Rakesh was away for work and it felt weird sleeping on my own in a single bed, it happened to be a bad day and night but nothing a talk couldn't fix.

- Work has been so depressing recently, I don't want to work in retail any more and i've already stayed longer than I had planned. As I keep getting told off for being on my phone I have started doodling again, I miss doing these. After seeing a design (exactly like mine) used in Tiger stores on expresso mugs well that just hurt.

- Dad gave me and Rakesh his old Land Rover, so so generous. It does need fixing (but it's lucky my boyfriend is good with cars) and we can either keep it or sell it and put the money towards a deposit for a flat or something useful, obviously I can't drive so keeping it has no use for me. I still can't get over it really. I have been thinking about getting driving lessons recently.

- I love it when Rakesh has days off because then I can hang out with him straight after I finish work, Yesterday we decided to go for late afternoon lunch at the Oval pub, delicious mac & cheese. Oh and yes we had a delicious Vietnamese take out too but shhhhhh.