Renegade Craft Fair

On Sunday me and my sister met up with my good friend Amy (a great friend I made at uni), she suggested we have a wander around the Renegade craft fair in Shoreditch. Before going we had brunch, we were headed for The Breakfast Club but there was a huge queue so the next nearest food place was 8 Hoxton Square. The girls had eggs benedict but I decided to go for buttermilk waffles, vanilla cream, blood orange & maple syrup which was so delicious and very different than a full breakfast (what I always order).

Dress - Gap (sale) / Trainers - Nike Blazers / Bag - Zara

The craft fair was so inspiring, I was in awe. I wish I was creative in the crafty way sometimes. It would be awesome to make things.

Afterwards we went an grabbed a juice drink at Brick Lane Market, it wasn't even nice but it was only £2 couldn't complain. We also popped into Pam Pam (Womanswear) around the corner and my sister bought some cute Adidas Superstars and I was insanely jealous.