Jack Eats At... OTB [On The Bab]

This is a new weekly feature on my blog, my younger brother Jack is a huge foodie. These posts will include a restaurant or pop up, a few of his own photographs and his favourite dishes. Follow his Instagram to get a sneak peak of some up coming recommendations. I'm going to post these every Friday so they're just in time for your weekends. The cool logo designed by our younger sister Bethany, check out her blog.

Strawberry & Soju Slushy

Kun Mandu (Pan fried dumplings)

Korimari (Fried chicken with seaweed rolls and spring onion sauce)

Korrito (Korean styled burrito, pan fried chicken filling)

Bibimbap (Rice, vegetables, fried egg and spicy pork mixed with gochujang)

On The Bab | onthebab.co.uk
Price | ££££
Favourite dish | Korrito - it's cut into slices easy for chop stick users