A break

A horrible four days at work, very stressful considering it's only retail. I'm glad I'm escaping to Manchester for a few days to visit my baby sister. It feels like it's been longer than a month and I can't wait to see her. 

Here are my handbag essentials - 

- Valentino sunglasses (It's finally sunny enough to wear them!)
- Ipad (i'm already trying to decide if i'll watch Broad City or read 'The Rosie Project' I bought it at the start of the week and it's so good already)
- Bumble and Bumble Surf spray

So my fried egg HM case didn't even last a month, I struggle with phone cases as it is and in Tesco I came across this clear gel one which was already perfect for me. I put my business card inside, you know just incase I need to hand it out...ha.