Love is a dance floor

Chad Moore was and still is my main influence in photography, I don't photograph that seriously anymore but his photographs will always just get me.

I just came across this interview on i-D magazine and it made me realise how much I miss being a photographer.

Moore has just released his third book titled 'June' which features 31 recent images, including colourful nostalgia-infused portraiture of downtown youth as well as skyscapes.

"Why did you decide to include skyscapes?
The skyscapes kind of stem from what I mentioned before, just evolving. I've always made pictures of things other than people, but my interests have always been with portraiture. I like the connection. But I started to get tired of waiting around for that energy to appear. I thought about the things around us that aren't human, but can still possess that energy.

How else will your imagery change?
My work will always have the same elements, but as I continue making pictures, I figure out more and more what I want from an image and how I want it to effect the viewer. Lately I've been shooting some "staged" pictures, not posed, but just putting a subject in a situation and watching them react."

"Can you describe a favorite picture?
So difficult. I'm a bit sentimental, so I have feelings about all of them really. One image people always come back to is the Olivia (Black Eye) photo. I met Olivia though Nicky Lesser when Nicky and I moved to Eldridge street. Olivia lived across the street so I ended up taking a lot of pictures of her. This particular photo was from Halloween a few years ago. I was trying to meet up with everyone at some party and as I walked up to the door, Olivia was getting thrown out by security for some petty reason I'm sure and I see her face - her Halloween costume was a self-inflicted black eye. I thought it was really pretty. I think some people look at it as a violent image or something, but I think it's quite the opposite."