Wind down

After a quite busy weekend, Sunday has to be the perfect chill day. Taking your time waking up, doing chores and making brunch. Listening to your favourite Spotify playlists really loud. Today I have/will be in my dressing gown all day until dinner time. 

I've set myself the tasks of browsing the web for creative jobs, finding a birthday gift for my little sister, good blogs to read (if anyone has any recommendations i'd be grateful!) and settling down with a film. I've chosen to watch While You Were Sleeping starring a young Sandra Bullock. 

Photographed - My drunk "YAY" cacti and one of my favourite possessions Bose speaker.

I made my favourite meal - brunch. If you know me then you know about my love for eggs, you can view my very own hashtag on Instagram #bakerseggs here

  • I only have one tattoo at the moment and i've been thinking about a second.. but what?!
  • I'm trying to get myself in the mindset for saving for my future but there's so much I wish for.
  • How are you supposed to get through to the tax man, I've been getting taxed since Christmas (I'm not supposed to be.)
  • I need to plan how to eat healthier but on the cheap, step away from easy Sainsburys lunches.
  • I've almost been at Halfords for a year prior finishing university and that's already a year too long, so again I'm on a huge job hunt. (If anyone knows any creative/freelance jobs hola)