My First Blogger Event

Last night I attended my first blogger event for Wearisma, a start up fashion app. I was approached along with 100 other bloggers to try out the app and see what it was all about. I'm not a fashion blogger but I do like clothes so I said yeah why not! The app is pretty cool, you can tag what items you're wearing so if people like your look they can click the tags and shop for the items. 

Like probably most human beings, I was nervous. Obviously with the "oh goodness everyone's in to fashion, what the hell am I going to wear?!" but I went with comfortable and wore all black and white - black HM sandals, white Aldi jeans, striped Zara top, black ASOS bomber and a black zatchel.

 I finally met Lauren from (Nakedfashions) and without even knowing that I love good views she asked if I wanted to go to the roof of her office building. It was great, London city silhouettes are so pleasing. 

We had a few cups of wine whist chatting amongst each other (me a little less because i'm socially awkward). It felt nice to get talking to other bloggers, some of my friends don't really 'get' blogging. We were given some freebies too, like an item of clothing (I went for this dress) - a phone case and ipad case from Gooey designed by Sophia Webster (They stick to glass and metal!) and we got to have false nails from Elegant Touch! (I've never had false nails before and of course I lost three just on the way home). 

Hopefully i'll get to attend more of these get togethers, they're fun!