Serpentine Pavilion

Last Saturday was such a great day, I went into London to meet up with Amy because she's moving to Manchester. We accidentally found a cute burger joint called Kua 'Aina just off of Carnaby St and it was nicer than I thought it would be! After filling up our tummies we decided to have a "lil" shop, I went into Office to buy some Saltwater sandals (which I'm still pinning for!) and Amy came out with a pair of trainers. We then headed to Monki where I left with a red duster jacket (In previous post) and then I really wanted some trainers so headed to Size where after a while of deciding I left with some black and white Adidas Stan Smiths. (I'm more in love with then than I thought i'd be)

After wandering around a little more we walked to Hyde Park towards the Serpentine, after realising the time and the distance to exhibition we agreed to get a Boris Bike and cycle through the park, I've only ever done this with Amy and I still find the bikes really weird. 

The exhibition was designed by Selgascano. The colours and shapes were visually pleasing. Although it did feel like a sauna inside I'm surprised we didn't get tempted by the over priced ice cream stall inside. More information on the exhibition here