Sunday to Sunday

Sunday Coffee at Nana B's + Sorting through my things at home

A family orientated day celebrating my little cousins birthday followed by sorting through my old bedroom and wishing I could bring everything to Rakesh's house. I miss being surrounded by collected prints and magazines and zines and frames but atleast I have my plants.
Funky building art in Kings Cross + A meeting with Dojo App 

I was lucky enough to be approached by Dojo via Instagram and was asked to meet for a drink to discuss something exciting such as me contributing some 'stories' for their new desktop site that's coming soon. 
Afternoon tea on the Thames + Street cacti

My parents kindly gave Rakesh and I a gift of afternoon tea on the HMS President which was a windy experience. Spotted more street cacti.
Vietnamese salad bowl + Swimming

Came across this salad bowl in Sainsbury's and couldn't resit, and it was more delicious than it looked. Started proper swimming with Jasmine, I was very nervous and it was a lot harder than I remembered.
BBQ with friends + Lunch at The Tram Stop

The weather was scorchio on Saturday and we went for an early morning cycle/train journey to Rakesh's work and then went for lunch. After clearing up and sorting out we had our friends over for a BBQ, gins with apple in them and copious amount of joints whist sitting around a fire pit listening to Jamie XX. 

Breakfast + A sunday selfie

Another family oriented Sunday. I made myself breakfast which was great and then we headed to my grandparents for a catch up, Rakesh and my gramps can sit and chat for hours which is really nice. We then went to his grandparents, a quote from his grandad "So many people passing, they will all lose there passwords" it's true! (he didn't know what the wifi password was) and we ended the night with Anchorman 2.