On Saturday we headed to London to meet my brother and his girlfriend for his birthday at Druid Street Market/Maltby St Market, we arrived a bit late and stalls were starting to close. We still had time for a beer and a glorious huge burger called 'dirty old heifer' - minced beef patty, emmenthaler cheese in a peri peri bread roll from African Volcano. We've never been to this street market and I personally preferred it to the others. Quieter with a rustic look. Afterwards we headed to a nearby pub for another drink and to light up the candles on the amazing cake Chhimmii got made for Jack. A brownie stacked cake from Fatties Bakery, containing cornflakes, caramel bocaditos, caramel popcorn, pretzels and gold glittery sprinkles bedded on a stack of salted caramel brownies. Let's just say she won some brownie points ;)

In the evening we celebrated Rakesh's brothers birthday and went out for tapas in Streatham called Bar 61, it was such a cute restaurant and such a good evening!

On the Sunday we went out for brunch in the city. Grandad won brunch for 6 at the Albion Bankside and it was delicious. We then walked it off along the thames and somehow we ended up at Southbank where we hung around Kerb Riverside and maybe got some ice cream and had some beers, we eat so bad. 

My brother and sister got me some white Saltwaters for my birthday (that's actually on Monday) I love them!