I decided to take Rakesh away for his birthday and I strangely managed to keep it a secret for months. When I worked out it would be £220 for the pair of us to go to Budapest (flights and accom) I couldn't resist! He hadn't stayed in an Air BnB before and I found some amazing apartments so I went with one of those and flights from easyJet. A month before going I started planning our trip, starting with his actual birthday (the day we arrived on). I've always had a thing for researching and planning especially trips so this was all a lot of fun for me.

We stayed Tuesday til Friday and the weather was sunnier and warmer than the UK but not by much, we still wore coats but we even got to take them off at some points, which we took full advantage of. Budapest is such a beautiful city, it reminded us of a mixture of Barcelona and Amsterdam. The buildings were detailed and the main streets were huge and then the little cobbled side streets well they are always cute. 

Here is a very heavy photo post with some of my favourite photos from the trip. I'd recommend Budapest highly, it's also very cheap to eat and drink!