Myla and Davis

I was super lucky enough to receive an early Christmas gift from Myla and Davis, I've been pining over this modern hairdressers since I saw it being on the walk to work, the minimal interior and exterior with a black and white logo. I was very excited to get booked in. 

I love Bumble and Bumble! but only own their small surf travel products. It was so good to finally go to a hairdressers that only uses their stuff. 

Simple and tidy interior, the brown cupboards to keep things stowed away and to not look over cluttered. Diana made sure I was comfortable throughout the cut, had some great conversation and some laughs over grey hair. (I noticed I had one grey hair stand up on end after the blow dry). I only went for a trim, it had been over a year since I last got it cut (terrible I know) it was getting long but it felt just horrible and dead. 

I felt so sassy leaving with this blow dry, I've never had my hair styled like this and I loved it. Usually my hair is a big frizzy mess! I am going to stick to getting it cut regularly. Thanks Myla and Davis, I'll be back soon!