A Christmas Date Night

Back in November we decided we'd go on a date night a few days before Christmas and as the days creeped up on us and both of us being quite unorganised it turned out we didn't have anywhere booked for dinner or an activity. In the end we decided to head to the Rekorderlig Cider Lodge in Southbank (we've been here so much this year!). There were cute little food stall sheds leading up to the entrance of the lodge and coloured lights to light up the trees. 

We were quite peckish so shared a Polish sausage with gherkins and washed it down with a warm cider!

The lodge cabin was so pleasing, i've never been skiing or been to a legit ski lodge before and this made me consider a skiing holiday.

We then wondered to Covent Garden, the decorations were huge! There we stumbled into a pub, had some mulled wine and decided where to eat for dinner. 

We decided on Wildwood an Italian restaurant near by, wasn't 100% sold on it but it was 10pm at this point! We half and halved our pizzas and I certainly made the better choice! 

Look how handsome he is! I feel so lucky to have him.