Ciao December

The best season is well and truly over and I can't help but have a mixture of 'phew' and 'oh' feelings. It came all rushed and then we blinked and it was all over! Rakesh and I had a very busy Christmas, Christmas eve annual event of secret santa present opening with all the friends and then spending Christmas day hungover and juggling time with each family. He got up and made us Jamie Oliver eggs and salmon which was so tasty and then we headed on our separate ways. Our childhood homes are an 8 minute walk apart which is handy so it wasn't too stressful and meant he could drink! Boxing day was his family day and the dinner was homemade Indian which was a bit different from the usual Boxing day dinner of mash and cold meats, but we got rather drunk and it seemed to work. As it got to Sunday I felt exhausted and couldn't even be bothered to spend the day with my family but we did anyway, we call this day the 'Baker day' where my grandad and his brothers and their families all get together so my dad and his cousins etc etc, it's nice that we get to see this side once a year.

My new Zara bucket bag from Rakesh's sister in the secret santa! Now I can take my work snacks and my iPad to work!

His sister also made me some homemade hot chocolate and put it in a jar alongside baby mallows in a jar and two matching huge mugs! (these aren't the mugs..)

I was kind of in love with my wrapping this year, I stuck to a black, gold/copper and white theme. I used polka dot cellophane which I haven't used before and it all looked really cute. I forgot to buy brown name tags so made my own and cut out the receivers initial.

The next post will be a 2015 review, how exciting for you guys!