A New Year

This year was a lot different to the last year, I had accomplished a lot. I had gained a degree, lost weight and travelled further. Maybe it was because my relationship was newer and everything was fresher straight out of university. Last year I made a list of goals and I will only tell you the ones I accomplished. Starting with 'try to read at least 3 books' I read Eleanor & Park, The Rosie Project and Paper Towns (all quite easy books but my favourite kind), another goal was 'to travel to at least 3 places' I visited Amsterdam, Barcelona, Devon and Budapest one group trip, two couple trips and one family trip which I feel grateful for and another main goal was to 'run a 5/10k race' In June I completed Nike We Run 10k in 1 hour 2 minutes which I'm still proud of. There's a lot of things I didn't mange to accomplish such as losing another 2 stone, I actually put on 12 pounds. I didn't manage to move out into our own place but I did move in to Rakesh's family home. I made the 1 year mark in my crappy retail job instead of finding my dream creative job. 

In 2016 I'm going to mainly focus on myself, sounds selfish but I need to otherwise I will never get to be the person I wish I could be. I hope to lose the 2 stone I said i'd lose last year and I really really hope to get out of retail. There's nothing more unsatisfying, un motivating and boring about my part time job, I don't exactly know what I want to do just yet but I'd like to be given the chance with some of the jobs I do apply to. 

A few goals for 2016:
  • Lose 2 stone
  • Keep running
  • If I can't find a job, find a creative hobby and stick to it
  • Read another 3 books
  • Travel to another 3 places
  • Be more affectionate

Here's some of my favourite photographs/memories from 2015:

 A shop in Penge

 The plant corner before it got 'too much'

 Amsterdam in January - See you soon

 Salt beef sandwich from Borough Market (had it twice this year!)

 Chinese New Year



 Kew Gardens for Amy's Birthday

 Nan made macaroons for my birthday

 Barcelona in May

 Brighton in August 

 Budapest in November

 Flight from Budapest to London in November

 Budapest in November



 Picnic in Surrey Hills

 Brother and sister on Mother's Day

 Photo booth in Manchester with my sister

 Carrying my favourite person in Devon

 Mother hen before a family party

That smile

 Barcelona in May

 Sky from our roof window

Lewisham Street Feast