My favourite brunches of 2015

As most of you guys know I'm a huge brunch lover (brunch/eggs same same) I was strolling through my Instagram yesterday admiring all the pretty brunches I've been lucky enough to enjoy this past year. 

Most of them being homemade and sometimes I blow my own trumpet but I do make a mean brunch. The others cooked by my boyfriend and others by cafes. 

1. Pancakes made by Rakesh. 2. Blood orange and waffle at 8 Hoxton Square. 3. Eggs on toast in bed. 4. Christmas day breakfast made by Rakesh. 5. Pancakes and toppings made by my brother and his girlfriend. 6. The most tastiest brunch in Budapest. 7. Poached eggs. 8. Baked eggs. 9. Jam toast. 10. First time avo on toast. 11. Hangover full breakfast by Rakesh. 12. Brunch at Milk. 13. Mother's day. 14. Simple shroom and spinach omelette. 15. Crystal Palace Market brunch (so good I went a few times).

This is probably why I didn't lose much weight last year but I still plan to enjoy brunches in 2016. My to visit list is also ever growing so hit me up for brunch spots in London if you're visiting!