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Bring It On

I've been quite good this week, three runs so far and of course feeling better for it already! As I accidentally took a break from it I thought i'd start back slow so I've done two 3km and one 4km. 

2015 seemed to be my rest year, I ran but not hard enough. I ran two 10km, one being We Run. Towards the end of the year I started putting weight on and not loosing it and that's when I realised I'm almost un-doing all my hard work. 2013-2014 were my best years for exercise where I watched myself drop from 15 stone to my lowest 11 stone 6 lbs. I was so motivated and inspired to finally be the size of my dreams. Obviously then came along my foodie boyfriend and moving into his house and trying to resist ice cream and popcorn most nights is very hard especially when you have the 'munchies'. This year is the year, I'm using the idea of a 20 day backpacker holiday as motivation and the big bag of mint m&ms as a well done treat! I really am hoping to lose two stone by summer. 

My meals are changing, i'm going to quit bread again (as that what made me lose the weight in the beginning), reduce my wheat intake and obviously no sweet treats except for some dark chocolate here and there. I do wish I could use programmes like The Body Coach or Kayla Itsines but it sucks not having enough money! I'd like to try out some boxing classes and swimming though.

2016 let me be happy in my own skin because I have no idea what that feels like. Expect some cheap good meal recipes too, I'm not the greatest cook but I like to try! and if anyone has any for me to try feel free to comment below.