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I've wanted to go to Marrakech for years, and last September Rakesh surprised me with flights for my birthday. I remember I got up and hugged him for ages. I'm not actually sure on what drew me to Marrakech but I remember Sex and The City the movie having something to do with it. 

We went for four days and it was plenty enough time as I found the city to become quite stressful, I heard that a lot before getting here and I shrugged my shoulders and thought that people were probably over reacting. There's only so much pestering a person can take. That wasn't the only stress for me though, the main one was the amount of motorbikes and scooters in the small alleys. They shouldn't be allowed, I know there's some parts where they're not and I found that to relax me a bit. 

Once I was on a rooftop away from the pestering, it was something else. It's great really, there's a rooftop cafe/restaurant almost everywhere there. We actually didn't get to see some of the main attractions which I always feel a bit gutted about, such as Ben Youssef Madrasa... we could only see the outside as we tried twice to find the entrance and couldn't.. ha. 

I would recommend visiting if you've been meaning to for ages it's a lovely place but we wouldn't rush back in a hurry. Going in March is a perfect time because it wasn't too hot. We had around 25-28C in the day time to 14-16C in the evening and it was a good temperature. In the summer it gets to 40-50C and the locals say it's way too hot for us British folk. The best bit of this trip was that bread and olives came with or before every single meal... I love bread a lot but since we have returned we've given up bread (I wonder who will break first..)

Enough of me yapping, i'll let the photographs do the talking. (look out for my guide in the next few days!)