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Croatia was a place that kept coming in at the top of my "to-visit" list then disappearing and then coming back. We were due a summer holiday spent with friends and when Mirvet and Harry mentioned the trip to us we were sold and all tried our hardest to get 7 days off work at the same time. We might have left the apartment booking until very last minute but it all worked out well and we had an extremely good holiday. So we decided to visit Split for 3 nights and Hvar for 4 nights, we got return flights to Split that cost us 148 pounds. 

Split and Hvar were similar but different, it's so hard to chose a favourite. We found them hard to research because most restaurants/bars aren't online but everything about Croatia was 100x better than what I had imagined. I felt more relaxed and on an a summer holiday in Hvar but in Split we did two day trips, one to Brela by coach and one to Krka National Park by rented car.

I wrote a day - to - day journal whilst away and thought that was how I would set out my Croatia travel guide but now I've decided against that and will carry on with how I usually do it.. so expect this up in a few days!