1 Week Ago...

I used to stay at my boyfriends every night so last Sunday I decided I wanted to move some of my stuff over, luckily for him I don't have much stuff. The clothes I took all fit into one drawer and I took my most worn shoes and all of my plants. I love that I can now see all of my plants together, some are quite old and obviously my most loved ones are the cacti Rakesh bought me for valentines, the 'bonsai' he got me for our anniversary and the money tree my friend gave me as he couldn't take it back to Cornwall with him (which was a score for me!) and it's still not died which I'm amazed at.

So yeah it's not as a huge step as it should be because not much has changed except I now feel slightly alone but only because I finish work at 2pm and he sometimes finishes at 8pm... I have a lot of spare time now that I should put to good use like looking for a proper grown up job and doing some creative things. I want to repaint his bedroom white and decorate it a bit but I'm obviously waiting for his permission!

Pictured is my favourite pillow made by my nana - my sister picked out the elephant fabric and in my favourite colours.