Bank Holiday Weekend

As for most retail slaves I didn't get a bank holiday weekend, it was more of just a normal weekend but more family based. Friday was a normal Friday but Saturday I popped home and forced my sister, mother and brother to get dressed. I dragged them to Wimbledon and out for lunch at Bill's I went for the typical burger and fries but actually wanted the mac & cheese. Afterwards I again dragged them to Uni-Qlo in search for a dress to wear for the evening. I was in luck and purchased one for £19.90 which was good. The buddies and I had a night out planned for awhile which was Bussey Building Soul Train night (second time in going and it's the best) we headed to Bar Story in Peckham for pre drinkies which was kinda cool. Sunday was the best day of the weekend, being hungover and woken up being told you're going to Brighton for the day well just splendid. It wasn't the day for Brighton either, the weather was gross and it was basically a hurricane. After deciding what to do there we decided on the Foodies Festival which was along the seafront. We had some gins, tried different foods such as a bratwurst, a spiced cold sausage roll, prawn tempura, chicken katsu curry and some pizza. We even got to try some flavoured vodka. After being freezing cold and windswept all afternoon we headed home, back to my house where my family was patiently waiting for us. Dad had planned a meze bbq night with all the family, when I say all i mean intimate with partners. So it was the first time mine and my brothers partners had met each other etc. It was a lovely evening!

Took my baby boy Drake out for a spin on Friday night 

To top of the day, Rakesh heard me point out about the macaroon stand and I went "5 for a fiver!!! what a rip off" he wanders off for a few minutes and comes back with five hand picked macaroons which were bloody delicious. He's such a sweetheart.