Nothing finer

"Slow down, you move too fast, got to make the morning last." - A quote I spotted on Friday at The Breakfast Club, very relevant to this weekend!

Again Rakesh and I were supposed to go to a safari park but as always time got a bit late as the drive was hours away. Instead we ended up taking our Land Rover out for the day, we headed towards Surrey Hills and grabbed a picnic on the way. It was a glorious day and decided on no trousers despite it being a little chilly in the shade. The drive was nice, literally the nicest trees, the nicest views and spotting nice houses is always fun.

We got salads for lunch, his cray fish one was a lot tastier than my chicken one but we shared. Cinnamon buns, crips and candy floss grapes to accompany it ha. Don't get the candy floss grapes their not as nice as normal ones!

Another glorious day today so we headed to Norwood Lakes which is a lot closer to us, not so much a picnic today as we started the day with a Spanish omelette. These past two days have been so relationship focused and I love those kind, you know those days where you find yourself gazing into the love of your lifes eyes in a daze like the amount of love I have for you is just weird.