Indoor garden

A cup of tea and taking my time to water my almost neglected indoor plants. Using glass bottles/jars until I order a plastic elephant watering can from Amazon. 

A Dracaena Massangeana and Ananas a potted pineapple plant Harry got me for my birthday. 

I repotted this plant because it was sprouting out of the smaller one. Here i'm growing my own cacti but I haven't gotten very far as they have stayed this size for a few months now which is very annoying.

This cacti has completely lost it's nut, I call it my drunk yay cacti because it looks like it's throwing it's "hands" up in the air. My money tree from Christopher has also grown a bit since he gave it to me almost two years ago. An 'E' tile from Barcelona just after I broke a 'U' tile in the shop, oops. I love this space for my plants, the sun window right above them so they get enough light and fresh air. 

I'm writing this on the motorway on route to Devon with my family so you will be able to catch live updates of probably the beach and seafood over on my Instagram @emilyisabaker.