Recents #03


Jacket - A Primark bargain £10

So when my friend Mirvet told me how cheap this jacket was I had to go and get it. My mac is no way warm enough for these chilly October days and that was the only excuse I needed and well the fact that it's only £10. I was torn between this colour and the light beige but decided more goes with black.


Rakesh and I went on a cinema date because we both wanted to see The Intern. Great, feel good film. Emotional in the sad and happy ways, I don't think Rakesh knew what he was in for actually! Two of my favourite actors, Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway. Yes De Niro has still got it ;)


My Spotify discover has lead me to this great track by Labi Siffre, his most known track is (Something Inside) So Strong. Ah it reminds me a bit of Simon & Garfunkel. Listen.


On Thursday I collapsed on the train to work, work then sent me to the doctors and after being at the doctors I got referred to the hospital but we made a pit stop back home for some eggs as we were really hungry. Basically nothing too major just a slow ticker but it took tonnes of tests and x-rays to find out.

Broke my bread ban but it was okay because this was a sick day!


On Saturday I was still recovering and Harry was nursing a hangover so we decided to go for brunch at Em & Lou's in beckenham. Afterwards we went to Mirvet's for a hot drink. Tried Apricot tea for the first time, I always seem to try new drinks at her house. We spoke about opening our own cafe for hours but then we moved on to the telly and me and Harry had a sneaky midday nap.