Our Bedroom

I have been living with Rakesh in his loft room for awhile now and i've been slowly de-cluttering it, i've painted it and i've added a lot of things. 

I had some plants from when I lived in Kingston for university and now well I have a lot of plants (cacti, succulents, money tree, pineapple tree and some i'm unsure of). The huge black and white elephant print pillow was made by my nan for my birthday last year, and spot the cute pop up elephant birthday card sitting amongst my jungle! This corner is aimed to be a reading spot and well if i'm honest i've only ever done that a few times.

This is our desk, the desk and iMac was already his and I'm pretty sure I'm just trying to keep it looking tidy. A framed photo booth picture from Queen of Hoxton, an iPad stand from ikea (£1.49) with our iPads on. The wooden tray was a holiday souvenir from our hotel in Barcelona... shhhh.

These chest of drawers I have been trying to get rid of since moving in but he's not letting go just yet, I really want hanging clothes space and need some rails but i've yet to get him to come around to the idea. I've made a lot of spaces for my things oops. We couldn't resist this floor lamp from the ikea bargain corner (£15) love the mint. Today I painted this mirror black, it was wooden and I don't know why but it looks 100x better now. I still want a ceiling to floor mirror. 

I want more space, we need more space! I want my prints and frames up and my magazine collection on show. I'm not ready to move out but I wish I was. I shall keep looking for a better job I shall not give up!