Recents #01


Mac - Zara : here

I was in need of a light waterproof jacket and Zara fulfilled my needs. I usually go for black/dark jackets so this was a big step out of my comfort zone. Beige gets dirty rather quickly!


Face timed my sister and asked for a film recommendation and she suggested this and then I got a bit excited because I didn't know it was streamable yet! Got into bed with hot chocolate and popcorn and got cosy and throughly enjoyed this film. A good balance between sad and happy emotions and a good twisted plot, huge fan of those!


Getting in from work and sticking this four song EP on, lighting a candle, the raindrops hitting the sun window and sipping an over stewed green tea. Nothing beats it quite frankly.


Prawn & Mango Curry : here

I think I'm three weeks in to my being strict(ish) on myself and I'm enjoying it! Rakesh's mother cooked for us every night but I decided I wanted to cook for myself, I hadn't really cooked main meals since university (a long time ago now) and I had missed it. I'm not a great cook but I'm all for throwing things together and seeing how they turn out. I stumbled across this Nigella Lawson recipe and I knew i'd enjoy this. Anything prawn and anything curry. This easy to cook weekend meal even went down a treat with Rakesh (wannabe food critic).


Saturday at The Tram Stop: here

Rakesh and I hadn't had breakfast, well we kind of missed it because we're lazy so we decided to head out for lunch. We've been here so many times and we enjoy it! This time around we got the comfy sofa, turns out we had stolen my friend Jasmine and her boyfriends usual Saturday spot (sorry!) I had a strange feeling we were going to bump into them and I'm so glad we did! Spent the afternoon eating and chatting away. I love surprises.