I knew after doing my 10k last year that this year I wanted to run for charity however I'm not as fit as I was last year, but I was determined. So I ran 26.2 miles in under a month, I completed it by the 22nd. My target was to raise £204 and I managed to raise £301 which I'm extremely happy about. Here's my Just Giving page.

Usually if i'm aching I don't push myself to go running but when I ached I still went and even in the rain, I don't even know how I transitioned from hating running to loving it but I'm so glad. I used Strava and the Nike running app to map my routes but hugely prefer the Nike one, super easy to use. The longest run I managed to do was 7.30km in 48 minutes and this is where I noticed i've gone downhill in speed. Last year I did 8km in 54 minutes and 10k in 1 hour.

Since losing 3 stone, i've hit a block and my weight won't seem to budge to under 12 stone. My lowest weight I got to was 11 stone 6lbs and I'm worried I won't see that again. In January I said I wanted to lose 2 stone by summer, well it's basically summer and i've only lost a few pounds.

I'm thinking of doing the Hackney Half next year which will be big for me, so I'm going to carry on training!